Corrugated Iron

Corrugated Iron is the iconic building material that is seen in many old sheds and othre buildings around Australia.  I am fascinated by the wavey building material which made so much of a difference to so many people especially around rural Australia.  

According to Wikipedia, corrugated iron was invented around the 1820's in England - it was a strong, fairly lightweight and easily transportable material which could be used for walls of houses and sheds, to construct water tanks, and as is most commonly seen, as the roofing material in all sorts of buildings.

I love seeing it and have an awesome collection of corrougated iron buildings.  It would be a mammoth and impossible task to phtograph all the buildings in Australia made of corrugated iron.  My drive around Australia saw me stopping at many old buildings - especially if they had the remains of their corrugated iron construction material.

It is coming back into fashion again, and is now used for roofing, walls, and especially fences.

The History of Roofing in Australia is very interesting.  Click here to read it.

Website in its page on corrugated iron states  "Australia is, beyond any doubt, the spiritual home of corrugated iron.*" and goes to to say "It has long been used by Indigenous Australians, who adapted traditional shelters such as windbreaks and humpies by using introduced materials such as corrugated iron, "the white man's bark". Their profound understanding of the environment has in turn inspired the recent revival of corrugated iron, which modern architects have used to emulate the Aborigines' "light touch" upon the
land. Aside from its economy and versatility, the rusted, weathered forms of corrugated iron seem to evoke a blend in particularly well with the hues and textures of the Australian landscape."

This old ruin is in Dongara, Western Australia

Old Roof at Daly Waters, Northern Territory.

My collection of photographs of structures with incorporated corrugated iron are far too vast to post here - but here are some of my favourites.


Vic said…
Love the old iron too
Di Hill said…
I think most Aussies do, however, we do know that it was a popular building material in many countries of the world.

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