Broome to Fitzroy Crossing

This time last year, within a day or two I departed Broome and headed towards Fitzroy Crossing in Western Australia on the Old Broome Road, and as the road passes the turn off to Derby, about 210 kms from Broome, it is hard NOT to take the detour.  It is about 36 kms from the highway, so not too bad.  It is an interesting place.

One of the very interesting places is the Prison Tree.

The Jetty at Derby has some very interesting history - and on the day I was there the tide was well out.  I drove around the jetty - would love to have walked but there was no time to do both.  I did get out of the car and take a few photos.  I noted the warning sign that said crocodiles inhabited this area.  I kept an eye out for them, but didn't see one.

Derby Jetty

Low tide

This beast was on the road and I had to wait while it slowly wandered off the road.  Didn't want to hit it.

The Boab Tree used as a prison.

Today I spent time working out how long it would take me to make the journey from Brisbane.  Maybe next year.


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