Another Visit to Australia Zoo

I first wrote about a visit to this Zoo in 2012 and again I visited a couple of weeks ago with my Japanese guests.  We hadn't had rain for weeks and weeks, but the week that the guests were here it rained every day.  You have choices - either stay home and watch the rain from the window, or go anyway with an umbrella and try and enjoy.  We did the latter.

Yesterday the weather was awesome - blue skies, sunshine and not too hot, though still a little warm for this time of year.

My "guests" were two gradchildren - aged 10 and 8 years - extremely demanding and hyperactive. I gritted my teeth and went - knowing it would be a big and interesting day.

When we arrived I had to pick up my pass (previously I had paid for it, but had to collect it the next time I visited.)  I asked the children to wait quietly on a seat adjacent to the area.  You guessed it, perhaps.  By the time I had done what I had to do - they had gone.  Narky grandmother  (me) found them and scolded them.  They had not gone far, but I freaked when I saw the empty seat.  They were so excited abot the visit - though I do know they have been twice before.  They rushed everywhere with no plan.  Dart here.  Dart there.  Hurry. 

I was on my own - well, me and them.  It was a hard ask to keep up with them, though we managed to see few big lizards and crocodiles as we headed to the Crocoseum.  We could hear some music - panic set it.  J and M though they were missing out on something so in great haste they took off again.

It was a show that I had not anticipated - Bindi Irwin and the Jungle Girls doing a show - we managed to find a seat and watch.  Miss M wanted to go and stand in front of Bindi and co - but I would not allow her to go alone, and her brother refused.  If I went I would have left one of them alone.  I "put my foot down" and we stayed up in the stand.

As Bindi's show finished, the Crocodile Show started and as it was school holidays Bindi was there and her brother Robert, and their mother, Terri.  

Bindi and the Jungle Girls

Robert, Terri and Bindi


Not so cute - but interesting.

Granddaughter with two friends.

Wombats were very active.
It is a huge zoo these days, and we managed to get around most of it - though some things we missed.  One really does need a couple of visits, which is why I like my pass.

My feet and legs were almost killing me as we left.  I was knackered.  I did take some photos of bamboo - they have such an amazing collection of beautiful bamboos growing there.

The late Steve Irwin and a show about 9 months before he died.



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