A Year Ago in Broome

I think it has been a huge mistake to reminisce about my journey last year.  It has made me keen to do it all again.  I'd do it again tomorrow - if I had the money to spare.  I often think of ways to do some of the trip again - this time going in reverse to what I did.  I think it would only take me three weeks to travel the route I am now more familiar with and go back across the Top End, (do I need to go to Darwin again?) and make it to Broome.

I wonder if I would get sick of it?  Should I take a companion this time?  Oh, hell, I am only dreaming....  But I would if I could, go back there, that is.  

There are some places that I might not go to again - I might just pass through.  But if I had a companion I might go on some of the walks through the bush to see some of the gorges that I missed as I didn't fancy walking alone through snake or crocodile territory.  

One thing I would like to see on the west coast is the Staircase to the Moon - while one of my photos looks a little like the spectacular, it is actually the sun setting on Cable Beach at Broome. but there is so much to see, so much history, that I'd like to "top up" my knowledge at a future visit.

I'd love to stay longer than I did last time - for a range of reasons my time there was limited but 

I have worked out that I might be able to do a drive from Brisane and across the top end one day.  Will keep the idea in mind, but for the moment I have some other travel plans.


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