Where to? Memories.....

This is a video I took probably in 2010 to show how big the university where I worked in 2008 and 2010 is. There is a busy "ring road" out the front of the university so you can see a variety of Chinese vehicles passing the university.  It was noisy and I could only get a small part of the university on camera.  

The pedestrian crossing leads to the front main gate - which has a huge statue and lakes with giant gold fish, and pots which contain the plants of Lotus.  The plant lies dormant until spring/summer and then grows throwing huge leaves, buds and later flowers some metre above the water. 

It is here that I first saw Lotus up close.

I don't think anyone will see this.  Just practicing something.



peter petterson said…
I remember your trips to China and South Korea, Di.
Di Hill said…
I am heading back there Peter. So more stories and photos. :)

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