Weather we will or Whether we wont.

Fancy that!  My Japanese guests come for just one week and the rains decide to return!!  On Tuesday I had planned to take them to Australia Zoo - and despite the frequent rain showers we went, and surprisingly it didn't interfere too much with our plans.

It certainly was very wet at times, but we managed to see the performance in the Crocoseum, which was pretty awesome.  The birds were amazing, especially the one trained to take a $5 note from a member of the audience.  I won't spoil it by telling all the story here.

The bird comes for the $5 Note

Here comes the crocodile Graham

My Japanese guests

The girls enjoyed being up close with the koalas, though both girls have a fear of any animals and will not even touch or go near any animal.  Rather sad I think, and they must have thought I was a real nut case patting (and trying to encourage them to do so) 

We had lunch - the girls wanted "hot dogs" so that was fine.  Then after a wait we went on the shuttle train to the Tiger Exhibit.  The place is amazing - not just the tiger exhibit which was great, though we didn't see any performance.  The whole set up - the bamboo, the exhibit, everything was brilliant.

After the tiger exhibit we caught the train to the Africa exhibit, just as the skies opened up, and from the protection of an old leaky canvas contraption and later on the train "station" we waited for the train to return and take us to a dry area.  It was interesting to see how relaxed three "handlers" were in the tiger exhibit - as the tigers wandered around them quite peacefully.  I recall there was a tiger "attack" there recently.

Resting in the Tiger enclosure
It is about four years since I had visited Australia Zoo and there's no doubt been many developments, as it will continue to do.  One can see some work being done on other areas, and it does take a day or two I guess to see the whole place - so I purchased an annual pass.  It is so close to where I live that one fine day I will take my camera and visit - hopefully to get my money's worth, I will visit several times.

The Irwin family have done an amazing job there, and to read/hear about their efforts at conservation, it really is impressive.

Cassowary feeding.
I highly recommend Australia Zoo - next time I go I hope it won't be raining!


Debra said…
Glad your visitors had a good time despite the rain. It always seems to be raining whenever we visit Australia Zoo too.

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