Tracks Across the Country

I knew I had the book, and recall reading some of it (or all if it?) a long time ago.  I remember at the time in the 1970's reading press reports about her mammoth trek from Alice Springs with four camels.  I was in awe - such amazing confidence to take on such a trek.

I am thrilled that there is now a movie about her adventures, and I hope to see it soon. (It is coming to Bribie Island Twin Theatre soon.)

A couple of weeks ago when I learned about the movie I recalled that I had the book, but my initial efforts to find the book were to no avail.  Having moved house I thought maybe it was one of those items that chose to disappear during the move.

Oddly enough when I wasn't looking for it, I found it.  I noted on the inside my father had written is name.  "C L Watson" and I suspect someone else (as it wasn't his handwriting) had written November 1995.  My father was a great reader after he retired - and I suspect that the book was something he bought at one of the Lion's book fairs.  (My dad passed away in 2011 - aged 92)

I have started reading it (again).  

My adventure around Australia in 2012/13 was to some a bit "dangerous" though I never thought it would be.  I just can't imagine the risks that Robyn Davidson took on her trek - even arriving in Alice Springs.

In the first chapter she tells of one man's futile effort to befriend her - by asking her to go back to her cabin on the train to "get acquainted".  Typical bloke - especially of that era and in the "bush".

I note that she was born in Miles, Queensland.  Strangely it was the place I spent my first night on my journey.   Loved little Miles and its Historical Village.

I do look forward to seeing the film.


Julie Thomson said…
Yes, I too loved this book. I met Robyn when I was promotions and events manager with Mary Ryan's bookshops, as we launched this book at the Hilton Hotel, Brisbane. R was fascinating, had such personality, so much larger than life that she comes across in her books.
Di Hill said…
I will keep reading it and I am keen to see the movie. Working at Mary Ryan's would have been a good gig!

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