The Wonders of the World and the Internet

I was doing a bit of research about the Suez Canal around 1939 and came across this extra ordinary footage on Youtube.

This information came with the footage

"Evelyn Reinhardt took this footage on her solo round-the-world trip in 1939. A history teacher at Southwest and later, Roosevelt High School in St. Louis, Missouri (USA), Ms. Reinhardt complemented her history lessons with stories and films (such as this) from her exotic travels to both Asia and Europe.

This particular trip satisfied Ms. Reinhardt's goal of traveling around the world before her 40th birthday. Indeed, she departed San Francisco, California on May 15, 1939 aboard the S.S. President Taft, and returned to New York, New York, aboard the S.S. Nieuw Amsterdam on September 4, 1939, twenty three days before she turned 40.

Filmed in black and white 16mm film. No audio. Regrettably, the film deteriorated significantly before it was digitized.
"  YouTube -


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