The City Adventure - Shopping

A visit to the Brisbane CBD was on the agenda - and it was with some trepidation that I scanned the skies in the morning noting that the clouds were still thick and threatening rain, but knowing that for most of the time, if we were in shops, we would not get too wet!

I drove to Morayfield instead of Caboolture, but there was an accident on the way and we had to go slowly - and missed the a train by minutes.  So we had a wait.  Paper tickets were the go for the girls as we really had only one train trip/return, but it was ok.

It seemed a long and boring trip to the city - the girls seemed disinterested in the views from the windows and barely spoke to me.  It is a challenge.

When we reached the city we made our way first to the Koala shop where the girls were very interested in the merchandise and indeed did some shopping.  We headed next along Edward Street, via the Apple Store, to Bendigo Bank where I needed to bank a cheque.  Then it was along Elizabeth Street to the new Wintergarden complex and a roam around the luxurious shopping offerings before we headed into Queen Street Mall, and the Myer complex.  More shopping for the girls.

As they were hungry we set out to a Japanese restaurant in Mary Street as I had searched the internet re Japanese restaurants in the city, but as we were walking along George Street we came across a Japanese/Korean Restaurant called Noritor.  The girls, much to my amusement ordered Korean food!!!

I chose the Bento box.  So Yumy

Black clouds started to gather over the city as we made our way back to the station via Danda in Adelaide Street, back through the Mall to a few shops, then Officeworks, then to back to the Koala shop where the girls bought more things.

The trip back was loooong.  I was so tired. My feet were aching.  My wisdom to choose Morayfield station was good - as it was starting to rain again, and we didn't have far to go to the car.  Then home.

Fish and Chips for dinner - barramundi of course.  Then an English lesson.

I am sure we all slept well last night.


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