The Brisbane River

One great advantage of having visitors is that if you take them around our beautiful city, you often visit places you have not been too for a while.  It was a short discovery of Brisbane that was our agenda - to see it from the river.

On Saturday (yesterday, March 29th) we set off to travel on the City Cat - I had no idea it would take 3 hours to do a round trip from Appollo Road, Bulimba to Queensland University and back again!  It was not on my agenda to do that, but one day I might just do that.  On a fine day, perhaps early one Sunday morning.  

A cruise ship in port on the Brisbane River (opposite Apollo Street, Bulimba)

Newstead House - it is years since I visited

City Ferry - haven't been on one of those for years.

Some huge vessels at Kangaroo Point - Luxury here.
Approaching the Story Bridge

Mangroves under the Bridge

Right under the Story Bridge

A city Cat going under the Story Bridge
Looking back at the city
It really is a picturesque journey and luckily with all the rain about, our journey was not affected by rain.  I thought of something I wrote about new immigrants coming to Brisbane in 1939 - they didn't notice it but they travelled on small boats under the Story Bridge but it wasn't complete at the time.  It was opened later in the year. 

We alighted at South Bank, and had a walk through the beautiful rain forest, and on to the beautiful Nepalese Temple - something that is a reminder of Expo 1988.

We caught the next City Cat back to Bulimba. There are several boats that do tours of the river - so one day I plan to do one of those tours too, and take my camera of course. 


Jean said…
I enjoy reading your blogs. I sometimes think we forget the beauty in our own backyard. Brisbane really is a beautiful city particularly at night time with all the lights.
Di Hill said…
I love exploring - even "in my own backyard" - you discover things when you travel a road you've never driven before. Thanks Jean for your encouragement.
Vic said…
Just checking out your blog again, I am trying to organise a bus trip to Mieguyah house and Newstead house, I havent been to either. Great photos.

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