Planning the Next Journey

It was July 2010 that I was last in China - having completed a semester at Yuexiu University of Foreign Languages, and I have longed to go back.  I would have happily returned to teaching, but while I was there the Chinese Government changed the rules and was no longer financially support the salaies of foreign teachers over 60 years.  That meant I could not return to teaching.

Still, it was something I wanted to do - return to China.  This time I planned to return to Shaoxing and do some research on a lady regarded as one of, if not the first, Chinese feminist.  Her name is Qiu Jin and there is a museum in her honour at Shaoxing.  

My sister lives in Adelaide (I live in Brisbane) and though we are in frequent communication we often are on different "planets" - and don't always agree  I left home when she was only 14 years old, so we grew apart from that time and we are so different.  

When she heard I was going into Singapore on my way to China, she asked if she could come with me.  Fine.  I was only planning to stay in Singapore for a couple of days, then a day or so in Shanghai and then on to Shaoxing.  I have changed my plans to accommodate her.  

I will now stay in Singapore for 4 nights, and as she is not keen to say longer on her own, she has chosen to come to China with me and stay in Shanghai for 5 nights.  I will stay with her and get her to the airport in Pudong to make sure she is safely on her plane.  She will have to manage a plane change in Singapore on the way home, but she should be fine.  After putting her on the plan at Pudong, Shanghai, I will make my way to Shaoxing.

I am so used to being on my own, and like to stay on my own - at least no share a bedroom - I tend to wake up during the night, read, play music etc - so have found a hotel in Singapore which is not too expensive and we can have two adjacent rooms.  It is a new hotel, and I have booked.  There is a no penalty cancellation rule, but at this point I see no need to cancel.  

We will leave on the same day - Monday May 12th - which gives us both Mother's Day with our children and grandchildren and we will depart the following day.  With any luck and planes arriving on time - I will arrive some 1 hour before her, which means I will be able to meet her in Singapore and together we can get to the hotel.  My plan is to go to Raffles that night.


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