Photos Found

When I was in Western Australia just over a year ago, my camera played up.  I don't know what happened but a range of photos I took at Kings Park in Perth, New Norcia and some other places just disappeared.  I was unable to access them via the camera or my laptop.  The "problem" SD card has been sitting in my camera bag since and every now and then I think to myself "I must get that SD card and see if the photos can be resurrected.  I had spoken to photography friends about it too, and given little hope.

Today I inserted the card into my laptop, and much to my surprise and excitement, all photos were there!!!!

One of the photos was of my friend Erika - and I happily sent it to her today. She and I had spent hours in Kings Park, Perth, with our cameras and I was devastated to learn that my good work had been lost.  I had also been at New Norcia - which I later returned to, but was not able to replace all the photos I had taken.  

Me at Kings Park wearing my well worn, often squashed in suitcase hat.

Looking out over the Swan River from Kings Park.

Swan River

Steps in Kings Park

So glad I found the photos at last!!


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