On Nature Photography

When I posted a photo recently of a bird in the sky at Beachmere, someone suggested I needed a better lens than I have.  I saw what I wanted today, but the price tag of $25,000 is too much for me, so I will pass - and keep on keeping on with my current camera and lens, even though the latter needs minor repairs.

Can you see the bird?
A few weeks ago I met a guy - he was arriving as I was leaving the Beachmere Conservation Park - but as we were both holding Canon cameras, we chatted about photography, and he told me that he often went out with his camera after school is finished for the day.  He is a school teacher.

Last night (Monday March 10th) as I watched Australian Story - the story of David Rennie from Western Australia was featured - it is an amazing personal story and extra ordinary story about his photography, and I thought of the photographer I had met all those weeks ago.

Today (Tuesday 11th)  I went down to the Caboolture River to take some photos - hoping to find some  pelicans there, but  there were none, so I set off to Poo Park (the off leash dog park) at the end of Biggs Avenue, and I took a few photos of the incoming tide  and was about to get in my car, when I saw the chap that I had seen at the Beachmere Conservation Park and was delighted to tell him about the Australian Story program. 

He had not seen the program but as both he and David Rennie are nature photographers, he was pleased to get the information.

So strange that I would meet up with him again, especially less than 24 hours after the ABC program.


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