On the Beach Again

I went for a walk on the beachfront at Beachmere late this afternoon with my camera - some of the fruits of my "labour" will follow.  Every time one walks on the beach it is different.  It is hard to explain - the pools of water are different, birds are there, debris is different, the patterns on the sand are different.  

Artwork at Beachmere - at the end of Beachmere Road overlooking the beach.

It is not long since the new stairs were built, and you can see how much sand has accumulated there.

A bit close?

Yesterday at nearby Caboolture Airfield a plane crashed just after takeoff killing all 5 on board, and later in the day when I was on the beach there was a lot of activity in the air.  I was curious about how close these two planes were.  I don't think the larger plane was planning to land - it did one or more circuits between Bribie Island and east of the airfield before flying away.  

A number of smaller planes came - perhaps to land, not knowing what had happened and that the airfield was closed.

An ancient log in the water.

This old boat is not going anywhere in a hurry.


Love on the beach


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