Old Photos and Memories

In my previous post I explained how I "lost" the photos in my camera, and found them today.  For some reason that I will never know the photos that I had taken in New Norcia and Kings Park in Perth have been restored - and I know now why.

I had learned about New Norcia before I left Brisbane and it was on my Bucket List - and on the day I had taken these photos I had spent a lot of time taking photos and was shattered when I "lost"them.  I did return to New Norcia, but unable to retrace my steps.  I had been on a tour when I took some of these photos, and was unable to go on one again.

It is worth reading the history of New Norcia - when a group of Spanish monks came to Australia - we were told it was because the Catholic Church in Australia was concerned that especially in Western Australia the Anglican Church was making a greater impact and they wanted to create a strong Catholic presence.  There is quite a story about the monks who came and settled there, and eventually set up an amazing settlement which included churches, schools, bakery, winery, olive, bees and honey making and huge properties for cattle, and crops.  Some of it is still there - including the hotel, and it is now a historic place.  There were 7 monks left, though they were excited about one more novice who had arrived.

Norcia is where they came from in Spain, so it was called New Norcia.

A peek at the Monastry

The old cemetery is very interesting - not only are there graves of the special monks who lead the formation of the new settlement, but many religious folk, and is still used for burials.  

Walking around the fields and over the river to the Apiary. 

In keeping with the old tradition of offering rest for travellers, there is still a guest house there and travellers can stay.  The rooms are basic but comfortable, and the meals in the dining room are top value.  I attended Vespers with the monks, on the night I stayed there, and highly recommend the experience.  

There's a little flyer here with details about the walk around the property.

One of the wells that was built many years ago to provide water to the farm.

The wheat has been harvested - the dry stalks remain.  Can you see my car?
I will post a few more photos.

Advice - if you are visiting Western Australia, it is well worth a visit.  It is about 132 kms north of Perth.


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