No "Blogger" in China

I recall that when I was previously in China, that I had no access to Blogger, ( so I have already set up another blog that I can hopefully use from China.

Yesterday I received my formal invitation from Yuexiu University - and note that it says "during the time you are expected to give lectures to our students and teachers in sharing your learning and teaching experience."

There has been no information on how often, or any other details, so I guess I will have to wait until I get there to find out.  

Still, now I have all the documents to apply for my Visa for China - so will apply in the next couple of weeks when I am in Brisbane city.

I will be updating a Journal through World Nomads (
and it is called "More Adventures for DeeDee".   It is a free journal program.  World Nomads is the company that I have previously had by travel insurance through.  I have not really started it yet, and will work on it shortly.

(DeeDee is what my grandchildren call me.....)

We have just over seven weeks before we go so there are still some things to do:

* My sister must update her passport.  (She is having photo done tomorrow)
* Application for our Visas must be completed within the next five weeks.
* Find and book accommodation in Shanghai
* Apply for Travel Insurance
* Plan for speaking - includes creating PowerPoint slides
* Register on Smarttraveller
* Check advanced weather forecast for Singapore/China
* Pack (I am already adding things to a suitcase)
* Give my family details of my itinerary.
* Hair do - go the blonde!!
* Have a pedicure.
* Check my phone roaming.

Phew - Lots to do.


peter petterson said…
I think you will find some changes in China since you were last there.

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