My Guests Arrive

I thought I had left home with plenty of time to spare, but hit traffic jams almost immediately - and it was slow go almost from Caboolture to Boondall, but as it turns out I arrived with time to spare.

The very tired group arrived and we were soon in the car and on our way to Beachmere - the girls sound asleep in the back of the car.

They are both very quiet girls - one in particular but I later coaxed them both to speak when we played cards!

After a snack about lunch time we headed off over to Toorbul  I like to show all my visitors the kangaroos enjoying the waterfront there.  They slept all the way from Toorbul to Woorim and when they woke up I encouraged them to go on the beach.  Hard to do wearing the footwear they had on their feet - black stockings and Crocs - really not beach footwear.

We had an icecream at Woorim and I fed seagulls and ibis.  One of the girls is terrified of all creatures great and small - so I hope she doesn't have nightmares. We had a great flock of birds around us.


Vic said…
Hope you are coping with your visitors
Di Hill said…
All is well - being able to speak a few words of Japanese might be helpful.

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