My Efforts at Naan Bread.

I don't normally eat Naan bread - though I have had it at restaurants. However, I discovered a wonderful Naan bread at Breadtop.  I discovered this shop a year or so ago and visit to get my favourite rice balls but lately I have not seen them on the menu.  So I buy the Naan bred which is unlike tradition naan bread I think - as it has cheese and onion on top.  So Yummy.

I only see this shop when I go to the city, which isn't often, but I did on Tuesday and really enjoyed my Naan purchase.

I wondered if it would be easy to make, so I explored a number of recipes on the Internet, but had to be a little creative as there was no recipe for exactly what I wanted, so I created an article about my recipe here.

When I went to school we had cooking lessons - such a wonderful program that has given me the confidence to cook things without fear, as I understand a lot that non-cooks would not know.

Yesterday I had a lovely lunch at Blue Anchorage at Bribie Island so am doing something similar for my meal tonight.  (I always love the food at Blue Anchorage!!!!)

Tonight I am dining on my Naan Bread, some lovely wine from McWilliams Winery, and a lamb chop on a bed of mashed potato and fresh asparagus.  

My Naan bread with cheese and onion.


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