Japanese, Chinese and Australia

It is only a few days before my Japanese guests arrive - two 14 year old very excited girls who will spend a week in Brisbane - sight seeing and taking English lessons.  I have prepared many lessons for them, but I believe the best value they can get from the time in Brisbane is gaining confidence in "conversational English".

I am well prepared for formal and informal lessons which will include a cooking lesson where the girls will have to find the ingredients in a supermarket.  Should be fun.

I have been communicating with Yuexiu University in Shaoxing, China, where I taught English in 2008, and 2010, as I will be staying on the campus as an "alumni" in May while I do some research and take another round of photos.   As I will be accommodated on campus, I have to have an invitation letter and have sent a copy of my passport front page to them.  Perhaps because they need to have a reason to invite me, I have been asked to do a presentation to students on "Lifelong Learning".  I hope it is "a" = "one" presentation, but I guess I will find out soon enough, so over the next few weeks will find out more about their expectations and plan my presentation.

Meanwhile it is the planning for the Japanese duo.  I hope their English is good, as my Japanese language skills are zero.  I do have an electronic dictionary, so will be interesting how that goes.

Both girls are afraid of animals - but I do hope to take them to Toorbul to see the wild kangaroos enjoying the beachfront and the tranquility of Pumicestone Passage, and of course they will view (mostly from the safety of my car) the cows and horses that almost line the road between the M1 and Beachmere. We will also be going to Australia Zoo, so I guess they will see some scary ones there.

They will of course be going to the Caboolture Historical Village to learn a little of Australian history, and they will spend a day in and around the Brisbane CBD, as well as a visit to Bribie Island, and a romp along the sand dunes at Beachmere.  I'll be knackered by the time they go...

One of my lessons is cooking.  What should we cook?  I am thinking perhaps little quiches, or little cakes.  Any ideas?


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