Here Comes a Big Week.....

Well, it is Saturday, and while I have writing I might tackle later, and tomorrow, I am in my final stages of preparation for my Japanese students who arrive on Monday morning.  A group of people including 4 adults I beleive and 6 or so round-about 14 year olds are coming to stay.  The organiser of the group is a member - in fact a SENIOR in the organisation in Japan - of 5W - Women Welcome Women World Wide.

I have been a member of this organisation since 2005 and attended many of their luncheon meetings at University of Queensland in that time.

The two girls who are staying with me are 14 years old, and at this time their parents are freaking out - sending their children to a "strange" country to live with people they don't know.  

Really I will be only having them for 6 days - much of which is taken up with English lessons and tourist things.

I will have a lot to learn as well, I am sure.

I have been busy re organizing the bedrooms, and getting some of my boxes into the garage, getting the cameras ready (loading SD cards, clearing out old data etc.)

One thing I don't use very much is my in car camera - and I have checked it and found some "funny" film on it - the last one is of a recent journey over to Bribie Island.

Again, I will "empty" the SD card, and keep it on longer while I drive.  I do think they are a good idea, but I must remember to delete from time to time.

With Blogging one is always learning.  New technology arrives on the scene, and one learns different ways of doing things, so it is never dull.  

This week I am part of a small challenge with some Caboolture Bloggers - 5 posts in ten days but with some extra exercises within it.  This is my post for this.

I must include photos or videos in some of my posts.  Normally I download from YouTube for my videos and on this occasion I am using the video download from Blogger.  It is taking a long time.  If it works it might be easier doing it this way rather than using YouTube.


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