Happy Birthday Doris Day!!

On April 3rd, Doris Day will be 90 years of age.  Now, I know that many folk will have no memories of this amazing lady who really enthralled us all way back in the 1950's and 60's.  Remember, it was post World War II - so there was a certain discomfort around the world as the servicement returned to try and start their lives over again, as countries were dealing with the death and devastation, and deprivations of the war, and life started to pick up again.

Movies were a great escape from the realities and challenges of life, and movies such as Calamity Jane and the The Pajama Game enthralled us.  Calamity Jane was a musical based on the life of a real heroine who was great with a gun, but a lady of kindness.  

We sang along with the lyrics and music and it gave us all a lift.

Doris's story is a great one and you can read her Biography here.

It brings back many memories - do read her biography as it is very interesting.  Do read it until the end.  

There is also an interesting story here - written in January 2013 which reports on her life at that time, suggesting her days were nearing the end, but she still lives on.

Another site to visit is the Doris Day Tribute website.


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