Grandchildren doing the Vacuuming.....

My two older grandchildren spent two nights with me over the weekend - not much time, but we managed to pack in some fun things.  They had homework - that was priority number one, and when that was done we went to a few places.

First of all - we went to Toorbul.  This is a tiny township on the mainland overlooking Pumicestone Passage, Bribie Island and a few little islands.  I like taking folk her as I can show them kangaroos wandering on the beach.

I think we counted about 20 enjoying the peace and tranquility of this place.

Then we went over to Bribie Island and had fish and chips for lunch, then set off back to Beachmere.  

Along the way we stopped at Sandstone Point where the girls each with a camera (mine!!!) took some photos.

At Sandstone point is the biggest collection of Lotus flower I have seen outside of China.  I remember the excitement when I found a small dam at Gumdale with Lotus, and when I accidentally found this pond at Sandstone point I was overwhelmed.

I have tried (with Google) to find out more about Lotus in Queensland, but there's no information.  Apparently there are some special gardens in the south that feature Lotus, and in Queensland I can only find a nursery that specialises in water gardens which include Lotus.

It is a significant display of Lotus - best seen I suspect between Christmas and March 1st each year - the flowers at the moment are few, but I was delighted to show the girls this flower that impacted on me during my visits to China.

Eventually we got to the beach - at the southern end of Beachmere and they had a field day with my cameras.

It was back at my home the next morning that I learned how to get my vacuuming done.  Z discovered my new Electrolux stick vacuum cleaner  - the Ergorapidoplus.   My old vacuum cleaner and it was old, and very cheap too, was starting to overheat - and with my back giving me a lot of pain from time to time, I was hopeful of finding an easier model to use, when I ventured into The Good Guys at Morayfield and saw the Electrolux one, and bought it.  Good price too.  I was lucky.

When Z saw it, she started to use it and quickly vacuumed my house - I might add that I had not long done it - but she was enjoying it so much, and the girls had walked more grass and dust into the house.

I suggested that the girls come back and vacuum the house when I needed vacuuming done.  They lost their enthusiasm.  "BORING" one said.  


peter petterson said…
I bet you all had a great time,vacuuming and all.

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