Adventure Grandma

I like this description that my grandchildren use - I am proud to share my adventures with them.   Last week I took two of them to see the kangaroos on the beach at Toorbul and the Lotus at Sandstone Point.  Next time they stay - and I am hoping it will before longer than a day, I have some other plans for them.

Today I made another discovery.  I have driven over to Bribie Island on many occasions, and often wondered what was on the Ningi Creek side of the township, but usually I am on a "mission" with deadlines or similar, but today, while approaching the traffic lights at Ningi from Bribie, I had the sudden urge to turn right and explore.

Thus, at the lights I turned right, to be faced with a sign that said "No through road" - as it turns out I did find my way out after a little drive along the Ningi Esplanade  I found some fabulous houses overlooking the mangroves that formed the edge of the creek, and saw quite a collection of little jetties, almost all with a sign saying "private property" or "do not enter."
I obeyed!

Walking or bike path along the creek
One of the jetties
Another jetty - another view 

I must say the mosquitoes were rather friendly - and I had to flap a few of them from my arms.  Reminder to self - wear insect repellent next time.  

I can see that the pathway leads further along the creek in both directions, and so next time I pass that way, I will smear myself with stuff to deter the insects and explore further.

I am a curious soul and like going "off the beaten track" to see what is there! I like being billed as the "adventure grandma".


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