A Year Ago....

It is hard not to think about what I was doing last year - I was of course on my round Australia journey.  It had been on my "Bucket List" to do such a journey, but I had not imagined that I would do it the way that it eventually worked out.

By then I was alone - and I decided to do the journey on my own though I must confess I did have a number of folk who offered to come with me.  Each one of them had restrictions that I was not prepared to consider.  I decided to do my own thing.  Solo. Just me.  And I have no regrets.

Sure it did get a bit lonely - mostly evenings.  I did go to restaurants to dine on my own, but often felt uncomfortable doing so.  A solo bloke does not get the same looks as a solo lady.  

I chose when and where I dined - most of the time though, I would cook in my caravan park cabin.  In any case I easily tire of restaurant food - though if I could have found and afforded a quality restaurant I might have been more enthused about dining out.  I did have limited funds.

This time last year I was staying with my friend at Dongara, and occasionally did venture to Perth and other places during that time.  

I loved taking photos of old buildings - there were so many of them and I certainly didn't even manage to get to stop for all of them.

These old buildings are in the area between New Norcia and Gin Gin.  The cost of restoring these building is often prohibitive but many communities around Australia do a lot to restore old buildings hence the many "historical villages" and similar.

I visited quite a few on my journey - and I guess it is no surprise to my friends that I volunteer at the Caboolture Historical Village now.


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