A Travelling We Will Go.......

A few months ago I set out to return to China - not as a teacher this time, but as a tourist, though I have a research project to do.   I will explain about that later.

Originally I thought I would spend a couple of days in Singapore (there's some amazing new tourist attractions since I was last there in 2008), go on to Shanghai and Shaoxing, and then back home via Hong Kong.  When my sister learned about it she asked if she could come to Singapore with me - she had never been.  So I changed my plans somewhat and we will be in Singapore for about 4 days, and then she will come on to Shanghai with me for about 5 days.

She will travel from Adelaide, me from Brisbane, and we will meet up in Singapore, and after our time in Shanghai we will go our own separate ways - she back to Adelaide and me on to Shaoxing.  

I will have a couple of weeks to meet up with old friends etc.

I have spent about two weeks on travel sites - initially trying to find the best airline deal and in the end I did it through Singapore Airlines.  I had a little hiccup as I tried to log in with my KrisFlyer card without success.  Seems it expired!!

Eventually I booked though surprised to find the flights that I booked for my sister were some $200 more than the initial quote - though I recognise that it was because of the flights I chose.  Then I couldn't access a flight with the original price.  Darn.

We are booked into The Big Hotel in Singapore - which apparently is handy to Orchard Road and Bugis Street.

I have a few more bookings to make, but so far all is going well.

What is the plan?   We arrive late in the afternoon, so after booking in, we will head for Raffles Hotel and one of the famous Gin Slings.

We are looking forward to visiting the Botanical Gardens and the big new garden exhibit!!!  Whoo Hoo.

(The photo above was taken at Narangba, Queensland - though I am sure we will see plenty in Singapore!)


Debra said…
Hey I know those flowers ;)
I'm looking forward to seeing some photos of Singapore flowers.
Di Hill said…
Yes, Debra, there should be plenty. The orchids are always splendid in Singapore, but with the new major garden exhibit there should be a lot more varieties of flowers. Bring it on.

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