Two Amazing Finds

Weeks ago I had found a photo of me and a friend taken at the Empire Games in Perth in 1962.  I had lost contact with Judy - who married and remained in Adelaide, when I set off to do my nursing training in Mount Gambier, married and went on to live in various states of Australia before settling in Brisbane.

When I found the photo I jumped on line to see if I could find her - and eventually phoned someone at an address that seemed to be hers.  As it turns out she had left her husband about  10 years ago, and her ex-husband gave me scant detail about her whereabouts though he did give me her new surname.

I found the White Pages, and found someone with the surname in the phone book but for weeks I had phoned and no one answered the phone.  I emailed a friend in the town and she was going to look for me, but so far no luck. 

I thought I'd write a letter, but just one more call.  I was gobsmacked when someone answered and it certainly was my friend Judy, who was most surprised to hear from me after 40 years!!  We chatted for a while, laughed a lot, and exchanged stories.

I was so pleased with myself and have written to her already.  She's not much of a computer fan apparently so we will have to write letters.  Doesn't worry me.

Then I went off to Sandstone Point to meet someone and there I found a wonderful lake full of Lotus flowers.

Despite the fact that I was running late I had to stop and hurriedly take some photos.  I will go back and take my time to get some more photos.

It is unusual to see Lotus flowers in Australia.  It always reminds me of my time in China.  They are such beautiful flowers - so perfect as buds, and the flowers are so delicate looking and so beautiful, and when the flowers are spent, the lotus seed pod is amazing.


peter petterson said…
That was really lucky considering the time between meetings, Di.
Di Hill said…
Lucky!!! Definitely. She was amazed that I had managed to find her. We laughed and laughed.

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