Something beautiful at Sandstone Point

Sandstone Point is a suburb on the shores of Deception Bay, on the mainland side of the Bribie Island Bridge (the bridge is 50 years old this year, or was it last year?)

It is a modern settlement, with a shopping centre and some beautiful parks and gardens.  I have to confess that I have done little more than drive along the road - that goes through the suburb.  I know little about it.

One day last week I attended a meeting at someone's home - and being a first time visitor to the area I did get a bit lost - in fact my GPS sent me on a wild goose chase, and even though I was by then running late, I found a wonderful lake full of Lotus flowers and I stopped and took a few quick photos.

This week when I was coming back to Beachmere from Bribie Island - I went to the movies at an amazing little theatre there - I detoured through Sandstone Point just so I could take some photos of the Lotus.

One doesn't see them growing in Australia very much - and I have great memories of seeing them in bloom in China and I was enthralled.  As I am still when I see them.

There's a lovely park, and a gazebo - a beautiful place to visit.


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