More photos - Greenhead to Dongara

I have spent time reminiscing about my journey last year.  On the day I visited the Pinnacles at Nambung National Park I drove back along the coast road to Dongara where I was staying.  The coast road has spectacular scenery at every corner - and I stopped often and explored little tracks that headed seawards.  There are many little fishing shacks along the way - apparently there were many more, but these days only a few remain.

Here are some more photos of that journey.


More Pinnacles photos

This strange machine is on the beachfront just south of Dongara - I think it is an incinerator, and I think the toilet bowl is something that would not be suitable for the incinerator.  Still I thought it funny.

Fire had ravaged this part of the area some time ago - the new growth is healthy and it makes an interesting photograph with the dead/dying branches above the new growth.

Interesting landscape after the fire - you can just see the side of the toilet block on the left edge of the photo.  It appeared to be as spot where fishermen launched their boats, directly from the sand into the water.



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