Loads of Pumice

Beachmere is to the south of Pumicestone Passage - where it is common to find pieces of pumice stone washed up on the beach, but recently huge piles of the stone have appeared, and the origin is most interesting.


According to recent press reports it comes from a volcano which erupted below the sea in 2012.  It appears that just after the eruption huge rocks of pumice were found floating on the surface of the Pacific Ocean - here is an article about it in National Geographic - read it here.

Reports of pumice being washed ashore are coming from the Queensland coast area and New south Wakes, where huge junks of this lightweight rock is being discovered. 

The size of some of the rocks are reported to be as big as "melons" - but it doesn't say what sort of melon.  Certainly there are some big ones - more like large mangoes!!

Luckily the pumice is very light, and floats - but I can only imagine what a huge chunk of floating pumice might look like in the ocean if it was as big as reported.  Go to www.google.com and type in "giant pumice island floating in pacific"  to see the articles and photos of this amazing natural wonder.



peter petterson said…
Interesting post and images Di.

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