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This week was the first week of my Blogging Workshops at the Caboolture Hub.  Some of my readers may know that I started Blogging in 2005 when I travelled via Los Angeles, London to Dublin and drove around Ireland (not Northern Ireland) doing some research.  I was asked my family and friends to send emails, post cards, but chose to do a blog.  I used Type Pad at the time, but later I learned that I could use a free platform e.g. Blogger so eventually changed.

It is an Introductory Course and there are 8 participants/students and in their first lesson, I took them on a brief journey of learning about blogging and they all set up their own blog using Blogger.

I'm in the process of planning Lessons 2 and 3.  One of the things that I have discovered is that though many Australians blog, we are not as addicted as Americans.  I know from participating in the Ultimate Blog Challenge in January (2014) that the majority were from the US.  Australia has a number of blog directories including The Australian Index which I am renewing my acquaintance with.  I've created a couple of newer blogs so will submit the details to them.

I am a member of Blog Chicks Directory - clearly for the "chicks" who blog, but I find it a quite static/slow directory.  Australian Women Bloggers Directory/Blog Chicks is I think the only such directory in Australia for women, though there is another one for women publishers, but it focuses on publishing, though clearly a link with blogging - Women's Publishing Network  Again, there is limited action on that site too.

There are a number of other blog directories - but I can't determine if any are working really well.

However, I do think it is worthwhile participating in these directories and seeking out others - sometimes that one new reader/potential customer is worth the (small) effort!!!!

Here is a list of 10 FREE Blog Directories in Australia - some may be familiar to you..  Click here.

Another one I have just found is Australian Blogs - which I will investigate. 


peter petterson said…
I have been a member of Australian Blogs and still on their readership list:
Di Hill said…
Yes, it appears to be a good one. Thanks for commenting Peter.

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