Where was I 12 months ago?

This time last year I was driving around Eyre Peninsular - me in my trusty Mitsubishi Lancer, on the second leg I guess of my long journey.   I had stopped at Port Pirie with my childhood friend Monica, and then went on to Kimba where I spent one night at her father's place, then set off for Cowell before heading south to Port Lincoln.

You can check out the map here. 

How I wish I had more time and money to stay longer in these places, but I didn't and that is all there is to it.  I remember being in Port Lincoln when there was major drama in town, and I actually saw the Target Store on fire.  I have only just learned 12 months later, that arson was suspected and a boy of 14 was charged.  How sad that some young children get their kicks out of causing damage and watching their "handiwork".

Here is one of my posts from Port Lincoln.  Click here.  I had written this post in the morning and in the afternoon went to a Winery, and on my way back through the town I saw the fire and reported on it here.

Reliving my adventures is interesting - wishing I was still on the road in some way.



peter petterson said…
An interesting journey you then, and those others in China and South Korea teaching English.

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