Vale Minnie - welcome Minnietoo and Tostevin

Sadly Minnie passed away - one morning I found her floating on top of the water in the pond, and she certainly didn't look like she was cooling down from the heat!!!  Dead!!!  It was a shock for me - but I managed to fish her out of the pond, (odd wording - fish the dead fish out of the pond????).

So poor Wally has been swimming as usual around the bottom of the pond - alone.  Now I have to be honest here, neither of them were particularly sociable - and spent most of their time hiding under the weed at the bottom, but I felt sad for him and resolved to get a new companion for him.

On the way to the supermarket I spied a shop that looked like it sold fish - and sure enough it did.  A huge range of fish, corals and apparently reptiles - though I didn't see any - were on sale here, so I made a hasty decision and bought two more "gold" fish.  Minnietoo is a much brighter gold gold fish that Minnie was - and a lot easier to see in the water.  I laughed when I saw the other fish in the shop - there was one the spitting image of Tostevin.  This story goes back to the 1960's, when I worked for some doctors in Adelaide in the practice of a Dr Tostevin.  One of the doctors chose to set up his own practice and invited me to go with him and be his practice manager and I did.

We started the practice from scratch - but it was all nicely done with bench seating around the walls of the waiting room, and a small platform for the goldfish.  Yes, we had a glass bowl with gold fish.  They were named after people we knew - and one - a large black one we called Tostevin.  It was my task to keep them fed and cleaned - though all these years later I cannot recall the meal procedure.  I have no memory of it - but the fish lasted the whole time I was there which was about 18 months.  I left to go and do my nursing training at Mount Gambier.

Now, on the same floor of the building were other medical people and an optometrist - and we had a great relationship with the owner Mr T and staff.  However, they were pranksters.   Sometimes when I was in the surgery/operating room with the god Dr P, the folk from Mr T's place would come and kidnap one or more of the fish.  I'd come out to my desk, look up and see that fish were missing, though I soon learned to follow the drops of water along the corridor.


There were a lot of shenanigans in the time I worked there - and Tostevin saw it all.  When I saw the Black Moor Fish today, I just had to have it - so I carefully transported Minnietoo and Tostevin home, and guest what!  Wally has become friendlier - the three of them even in a short time seem to have made friends easily, and they seem to be amusing themselves swimming around.

I'm happy. 


peter petterson said…
Nice post. A real fish story!
Di Hill said…
Yes, a fishy story. Day two and they are still happy.

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