The Bookshelf Arrived

After being here in my lovely abode for nearly 7 months, I still had some unpacked boxes.  Some DID have books in them, but there was more paper and stuff to throw out I knew that.

At the same time I was on the hunt for something - and I am yet to find it.  I've unpacked and unpacked and still have not found it.  What is it?  It is rare, hard to buy, especially in the colour purple!  It is INK.  I had a bottle which I use to refill my fountain pens.  I'm not THAT OLD fashioned - I do use other peens, in fact I have a Fujitsu DIGITAL PEN, but I love using my fountain pens, and am finding it very difficult to get ink.  I know where I can get it - but nothing much around where I live.  It is frustrating, but I know I will get some.  I will probably find my pot of ink in its little box, AFTER I have bought some more.  Frustrating, isn't it!?

In my working through my boxes I found a photograph of me and a friend taking when we were 18 years old at the Empire Games in Perth, Western Australia.  It is many years since I have spoken to my friend - I did phone some years ago, but didn't connect with her.  Today I picked up the phone and after seeking a number through White Pages online, I found a name with her surname, and phoned.  A woman with a foreign accent answered - and when I asked about J O she was flustered and in the end gave the phone to a man, whom I now know to be the ex-husband of my friend.  He didn't know where she was, though gave me the name of a town in South Australia - oddly enough I stayed there just over 12 months ago.  I did a search for someone of the name given to me on the Internet and on White Pages and found one number that might possibly be hers, but no one answered the phone.

I remember that visit to Perth very well - J and I had wonderful adventures.  I downloaded the following from YouTube - does anyone remember the News Reel at the movies????


Oh, I must get back to my boxes.  Only a few hours to go and maybe I will be finished.


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