Norseman - 12 months Ago

As I read about the fires all around Australia at this time, I reflect on my awesome trip around Australia last year.  As luck (and good management) would have it, I missed so many weather issues that I had factored into my original plans.

This time 12 months ago I had just crossed the Nullabor Plain - and had a most glorious run.  I was at Norseman in Western Australia.

I had so many warnings about how I would be bored witless, that it would be so hot and people shared with me a raft of their misadventures on the trip - many I might had, had been done before - years before when things were much different.

I had a dream run.  I recall many things about the trip, but one thing that stands out is speaking to a number of women on the trip - one just past Head of Bight when I was chatting with a very interesting couple at a spot I had stopped to take photos.  They had not stopped at Head of Bight - the bloke was keen to keep going, she wanted to see Head of Bight.  He won - after all, he was driving.  I'm glad I wasn't in their camper van when they drove off as I think she was quite miffed that he was in charge of where they stopped.

It is a common complaint apparently - I had thought it was only me, as I always had that issue with my husband, who was keen to go from Point A to Point B (the destination) with as few stops as possible - so that he could enjoy a beer or two and not have to worry about driving afterwards!!!

When I drive alone - I stop frequently.  I love to explore places - maybe take photos, "smell the roses" though there weren't any along the Nullabor Plain, that's for sure.

I just loved the drive.  I loved the beauty of the scenery.  I cherished every moment.



peter petterson said…
You had a good run Di. January is a bad time for Bushfires in the area. Up to 45 degrees in South Australia and Victoria during the last few days. I have my teenaged grandson in Melbourne with the Melbourne Storm NRL rugby league club. He is in his fourth year with the club this year. Under 20's Holden Cup. Player of the Year last year,2013. Just get a little concerned. But he doesn't worry. Becoming a bit of a Melbournite now.

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