My Brothel Visit - 12 months ago.

I was in Kalgoorlie on my way around Australia - exactly 12 months ago today.  I had tried to book on the tour of the Super Pit but it was booked out, and was looking through the tourist information as I sat eating my lunch in the motel.  I wrote about it here.

There was a flyer about a tour of a brothel - anyone knowing the history of Kalgoorlie and the mining will know that the town was famous for its bawdy life in mid 1900's.  The tour was to start in 45 minutes, so I phoned the number and found that there were 'vacancies' on the tour so I booked.   As it turns out it was very close to the motel, so I arrived on time and went into the building to meet Carmel, the Madam, and the other guest sitting in the waiting room.  And so the very interesting tour of the brothel with fascinating stories.

It was fascinating.

About 10 minutes before the tour ended, while we were standing in one of the rooms looking at the bed and the "toys" set up, my mobile phone rang.  It was my daughter, so I pressed the button and whispered to her "I can't talk now.  I am in a brothel. I'll call you back in 15 minutes and hung up."

When I reached my car, I dialled her number and had a most extra ordinary conversation.  She was laughing - almost uncontrollably.  "You better look at Facebook" she blurted between laughs.   In the short time since I had spoken to her in the brothel, she had updated her status that her mother was in a brothel in Kalgoorlie.  It doesn't take much imagination to know what happened.  It was a very busy Facebook for nearly a week.  "What was your mother doing in a brothel?  Looking for a job?" and so it went. 

The whole family has had a lot of laughs over this story - I certainly wasn't seeking employment - but found the whole visit most interesting with lots of laughs of course. 

So, if you every go to Kalgoorlie - make sure you make time for the Brothel Tour.  I recommend it.



peter petterson said…
Shhhhhhhh! Di was in a brothel! I bet your daughter was in hysterics!

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