Is it the Agent?

I wrote about my challenges with my Real Estate Agent - and the saga continues.  I issued the Agent with a Form 11 - Breach of Contract - yesterday.  They found it slightly amusing!!

I returned home and was visiting my next door neighbour when the lass from across the road (who is having the same trouble with her air conditioner which has not worked since she has been in the house (7 months) ), and who was waiting to get some action from the Agent, came to report that the air conditioning technician (who visited her place on Wednesday afternoon - but did not visit my place) was coming at 8.30 am the following morning (Saturday - today) to fix her air conditioner.  She said he'd probably phoned me - but as my phone was on the charger, I went inside to find that there was no call or message!  She gave me the Air Conditioner guy's phone number so I phoned him.

He claims that he has never been told that the air conditioner at my address needed servicing!!!!  Can you imagine how unhappy I was then.  He can't do anything about my air conditioner unless he has a job number.  By this stage the Real Estate office was closed for the day - I phoned and got the message.  No, I am stopped in my tracks again.  I sent an email to the RE boss - but over 12 hours later, there is no response.

I will be at their office first thing when they open today - as the Air Conditioning guy can work on mine today - if he has a job order.  I doubt I can get such a document this morning anyway.  Grrrrrr.  I still don't know who are the incompetent ones - maybe all of them.

But if the Agent says they have been contacting the builder/Air Conditioning people constantly for three weeks, and they don't have the job order - I really don't know.  I will see what today brings.

 Later - I spoke with the owner of the agency this morning. He will do nothing.  He is confused by it all apparently but will not take action.  Anger building again.


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