Get Out you Nasty Cane Toad!!!

I have heard that Cane Toads do not climb.  So how is it that one can appear in my large pot with my gold fish  Wally and Minnie?  I quickly hoiked the damn thing out of the water and over the back fence and hopefully a crow picked it up and killed it.

I hate these things.  Ugly, destructors.  It is interesting to read about them - they were hailed as the solution to a pest in the sugar cane years ago - but have hopped their way around Australia killing our native wild life.  Destructive, nasty creatures.

Years ago one of our dogs grabbed one and nearly died.  By the time we got the dog to the vet clinic it was unconscious, but luckily survived.  Yuk.

I checked this morning and there was nothing swimming in the pond but the two gold fish.

I have been working on my new blog - Your Life Story - which I started in part for the Ultimate Blog Challenge.



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