Day Two of 2014

I am still in planning mode - but all is well!  I am working on another project - Life Story Writing  -  with the new blog, which I am using for the Ultimate Blog Challenge - 31 days of Blogging and Learning!!

I am disappointed that there appears to be few Aussies in the challenge, but I am undaunted.  I have done my two posts - and planned others.

Yesterday I found a strange packet of photos and writing - my father had written much of his life story, and indeed had written a little booklet - typed information with photos - some of which I don't recall seeing.  He says that the author of the little book is me - DeeDee Hill - funny that, as I have never written anything using that name - DeeDee is what my grandchildren call me, and I certainly didn't write the letter.

One of the old photos is of me - with my grandparents Walter (Wally) and Minnie - the one's I named my two goldfish after.   (Look how neat their garden was!!!)

The second photo is of my great grandparents - I doubt I ever knew them.

I have been watching television - I can do that and scan photos and do a few other tasks - and I has been very exciting - Serena Williams was awesome!!


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