What I do at Caboolture Historical Village.

After moving to Beachmere (in the Moreton Region of Queensland) and not far from the town of Caboolture, I offered my services as a volunteer at the Caboolture Historical Village.  My role is as a Marketing Assistant - which seems to emcompass quite a bit really!
One of my tasks was to collate material and plan a "script" for Tour Guides for the Village - especially for bus tours.   Eventually though, we recruited a number of volunteers to act as Tour Guides in the Village - not only for bus tours but for any group.
We have had a number of bus groups visit and though we hae done very little commentary from inside the buses as most folk have been able and keen to, walk through the exhibits so we co ordinate this - adding commentary and information.
Last Sunday we had a bus group in from Bundaberg, and Miss Merry Weather (Sylvia) and I (in the new outfit) met the bus contingent and had a wonderfully funny time in the Village.  It was busy - very busy, for the short time the tourists were in our care.  I think the visitors from Bundaberg Coaches had a good time.
Leaving the Caboolture Historical Village

Miss Merry Weather at the Bundaberg Bus.
In all that it was me (the photographer for above) that was the only one of our Tour Guides wearing the new uniform that arrived that day. So yesterday (December 11th)  I managed to coax Sylvia (alias Miss Merry Weather) and Bill to show off the new oufits near our Shuttle Bus which we use to pick up visitors from the Caboolture Train Station (it must be pre arranged and needs to be a group of 3 or more I think).

Sylvia and Bill show off the new outfits.
 What do I do?  Take photos, train the Tour Guides and a myriad of other small tasks.


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