Update, Update, Update

I do have a major writing commitment on at the moment and am looking forward to the next few weeks to get some "me" time - I don't have many commitments for Christmas at this stage, and as the Caboolture Historical Village will be closed for a few days over the holiday period, I am hoping to have some freedom to do as I want.

I am now working on a new website - hoping to do it all myself and so far so good - though it just does my head in a bit.  I MUST earn some money after Christmas - my current income gives me no flexibility so I am restoring my biography writing business, as well as increasing my other writing activity.

It has been a long and hard slog (well since late June) in settling in to Beachmere, and learning my way around.

One thing that I am doing and earnin some dollars - and looking forward to increasing that with some writing projects in 2014 is Penny Matrix.  I have friends who are earning money - it is not a get rich quick scheme thankfully, but it is worth looking at.  One pays $7 a month to access free ebooks, and as it is growing you earn a tiny commission of each person who is in your "matrix". 

So I invite readers to check on PENNY MATRIX - and see for themselves.  I am happy to send more information. 

I have big plans for 2014. 



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