Santa comes to town....

Late yesterday I could hear a strange siren - sounded like an old police siren, but it went on and on.  Several times I went to the front or back yard to listen and determine what it was.  Perhaps I should have guessed, but I didn't   Then it got louder - and I found it was in my street.

Again I went to the front yard and a strange car with a siren and flashing light appeared and children came out from their homes - clearly they knew what or who it was that was visiting.

Then a strange apparition - Santa in his sleigh behind a reindeer appeared and Santa's helper threw lollies in all directions.  It was I found out something that was done each year by Apex - it brought a thrill to the children (especially if they managed to find a lolly!) and a smile to the faces of the adults in the street.

Good on you, Apex!!  Well done.  Next year I won't be too concerned and will have my Canon camera ready.



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