New Year Plans - Bring on 2014!!!

Each year, as one year ends and the other is about to germinate, I contemplate my plans for the future.  I am not a fan of “New Year Resolutions” as such, but I do like to have a plan for the coming year. Short term goals, mid-term goals, long term goals, travel ideas, fun things etc.  Those who know me well, know I am a LIST person.  Each day I write a few things down on paper – no, just can’t come at doing it on my “smart phone” – I like doing it with paper and my fountain pen, especially if I have purple ink.  Weird perhaps, but I note that we all are different and have our own different ideas and habits.

I like to have my list completed by December 31st, ready to get started on January 1st.  I am not one to be hung over or even doing anything very exciting on New Year’s Eve or Day – though not necessarily ready to get right into doing things on January 1st, but I revel in knowing that I have some idea of what I plan to achieve for the following year.  I’m likely to celebrate with a glass of wine or even bubbly – confident, knowing that I know where I want to go.

This time last year I was in Adelaide – about to set off on the rest of my “round Australia” journey – the journey that some folk thought I was mad doing.  I’d do it all again – IF I had more money.

Money?   That is one thing I want to focus on in 2014.  Clearly the “Old Age Pension” is inadequate.  I can live on it – just.  I want to LIVE – enjoy life more – afford to go out to dinner occasionally, buy new clothes, not have to procrastinate over invitations that I know will cost me more money than I can afford.  Certainly I would have loved to have won a big sum on one of the recent multimillion dollar Lotto draws, and though I had a ticket, my dreams did not come to fruition – in fact not a cent did I win.  Still, as they say, one has to be IN it to win it.  I did my best.

My 2014 plans are about making more money.  I will continue to be involved in PennyMatrix, and I do believe that I can made a small but steady income with that – though I have yet to convince any of my friends to  join.  I will still be involved with Lyoness – though I am not prepared to put in the dollars and time that are needed to make a success of that.  I am saving/earning small sums of money with that though and will continue.  There is another online program I have been involved in, but am not convinced it is of great value though I have more than tripled my investment, it is just that it is not so easy to get the money out.  I will continue to explore the options there as there is a large sum involved.

It is my WRITING that I am hoping will make things differently for me.  I have several unfinished/unedited works in my computer (and yes, backed-up), and I am committing to being more organised with my writing.  I WILL treat my WRITING like a business and will finish things and I will work and submit my work.  I will.   I will.

I will do my one day a week at the Caboolture Historical Village – but no more.  I have in the past few months worked harder that I had originally intended to, but have no regrets about what I have done.

As well as working on some of my unfinished works, I will also spend one day a week working on writing Life Stories.  I do have a passion about that – and hope that I can get some paid work doing this – and will work to achieve this.  A few years ago when I started The Official Biographer I managed to get some of my writer friends to do some writing for me – and hope that I can achieve that in 2014.  I hope to have the new business cards ready in the first week of January.

I am still working out my hours of work – particularly hours of writing – and will have that done by January 1st.   It will be hard to keep on track but I am determined to make a success of my writing.  Time is running out – I am (like everyone) getting older, and if I don’t finish things soon, they may languish forever in a computer until it too dies.

I do intend to keep blogging and this is presenting me with some challenges.  I will continue with the “Diary of a House Sitter and Traveller Blog” but I am hoping to create a blog which will be more successful and offer great value for readers, rather than a ramble of my activities. I am thinking it will focus on writing life stories or similar – though not sure at this stage.  I will have to hurry, but today I am doing some brainstorming and studying to help with this.  I am also committed to the Ultimate Blog Challenge – which I am sure will help me on my way. 

I had attempted the 31 day blog challenge previously, but failed due to study/travel etc.  but this time I have no plans that will hinder my participation and indeed having learned so much from that failed attempt, and since I am really keen to make a mark on it.

So, I must get busy.

Are there any readers who want to connect with me in the Ultimate Blog Challenge – we certainly could help each other.  Do contact me – even via the comment box!!!  Please.  It would be so much fun.

This is a white wooden piece that I took around Australia with me.  It is being transformed.






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