My Son

Yesterday, unexpectedly my son visited.  I have not seen him for many months as he spent some months in Finland with his lovely lady friend, and since he has been back we have just not had the opportunity to see him - until yesterday.

There was a lot of catching up to do - and it was great.  I saw the great website he built while he was in Finland - for FinOz - which is pretty awesome.

He has also finished his own website - he is looking or voiceover work now - though he does have a job in sales. 

(I must say I remember him like this - but lately he has grown his hair long - and looks a bit like Billy Connolly!!!)

He's pretty handy - now my kitchen table doesn't wobble and the fridge door closes properly!!!   Whoo hoo.  I wonder what other (minor) jobs I can find for him to do.........


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