More on "My" Frogs

Several nights ago, I was in my small but delightful back yard with a torch, checking on the whereabouts of the frogs that live in my yard - and saw the strangest things.  Two more green frogs walking along the top of the back fence.  Really, you'd only see it if you were wandering around your yard at night with a torch. Silently they walked, crept across the top of the fence, and into my neighbour's yard - not that I can see there, but that is what happened.

When my kindly neighbour came to help me erect some shade cloth to protect my pot plants from the searing summer sun, I told him about it.  He looked at me in disbelief. 

That night, I could hear him and his wife in their back garden and saw the flash of his torch between the palings that divide our yards.

"Can you see them?" 

They could see some of them, but two green frogs were still on their way across the top of the fence and he swung his torch to shine across the fence and saw what I had told him about.

Two frogs - about two metres apart - were making their way along the fence to his yard. 

He watched on an off for some hours - wondering if indeed they were going to have fun in his pond - but he claims that all they did was sit and watch him!!!!

Last night I watched just one frog make its way along the fence.

I wonder what they are doing??


It is a "green" frog - but this one has a browny hue to his skin.

View from my back yard at dusk


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