This little bear travels with me everywhere - at least when I have my car as she sits neatly on the dashboard. 
I bought it a few years ago - in fact I bought two - they were part of fund raising for the Cancer Fund.  When I set out on my travels a few years ago - I left the second one with a granddaughter - along with a collection of teddy bears. 
As a child I didn't have a teddy bear - so I collected a few in recent years, but travelling didn't have a safe place for them.  Along with the teddies is a Christmas dog - cute.  They are all on my guest bed at the moment - and one is awaiting repairs.  But at least the two lavender bears have been united - at least spend most nights under the same roof.  I have kept Lily in my car. 
I speak to her from time to time - and hope she has enjoyed travelling.  She's a well travelled bear - having been a passenger in my car for some 47,000 kms.


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