Centenary Lakes Caboolture

I've been several times to Centenary Lakes at Caboolture, but last week I went armed with my camera.  Really there are many great areas within the Lakes grounds for photography, and I confess I went only a few feet from where my car was parked.
One day when I am feeling more energetic (hampered somewhat by a "bad back" at the moment) I will do the walking circuit.  It is a mostly peaceful area - with so much for all members of the family to do.
The lakes have a great population of birds including ducks, moorhens, geese (watch out or these during the mating season - they get narky!!) and children love to throw them scraps of food.  They will scramble around one's feet to get food - but will just as quickly race back to the water and paddle away.  (Don't forget to take a bag of breadscraps!)
There are many places for a picnic with shelters in many parts of the park, and a great covered children's play area.
According to the Moreton Bay Regional Council website "Facilities include toilets, electric BBQ's, picnic tables, seats, shelter, drinking fountain, water bridge, walking tracks and car parking. Sports complex incorporating basketball, netball, BMX and skate bowl."


So - pack a picnic lunch, a rug to sit on (or chairs in case there are no spare seats)  a ball or two, a bag of bread scraps, hats and sunscreen, walking shoes, and water bottles and set off.  One could spend a whole day there - so much to do.


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