It has been a few weeks since I put the crab pot in to source a meal of delicious mud crab - as many live in the lake nearby and I have had much success - in fact I think about 99% of the time I get a good sized crab.

I put the pot in on Thursday evening (I go at low tide as it is easy for me to get close to the lake to throw the pot in and attach to some railings there. 

I went back yesterday at low tide (Friday) and what I found shocked me!!  There was one large crab and the remains of another - which I can only guess was attacked by the big buggar.  The shell of the smaller on was almost empty - and a few claws and legs remained in the bottom of the pot.

The "remains" of the smaller crab.

The poor crab must have died an ugly death.  I can only guess.  The big fellow was ferocious!!  I found it difficult to release him from the pot - so carried it the few feet to my home and on the back lawn (safer than doing such a task on the rocks!!) I managed to drop him into the plastic bucket.

I put the crabs in the freezer to "sleep" before preparing. 

There it will wait until I have the time and enthusiasm for my crab dinner.  It is a good one with plenty of meat!!!  Yum.



ButchCountry said…
That certainly is a large crab, not that I have seen many living out here in the prairies, very nice photo's as well , it's good that you put them in the freezer to "sleep" before they meet the boiling water, very humane :)
Thank you for sharing
Beverley Sharp said…
I would enjoy sharing this crab with you
Di Hill said…
There are plenty more here Bev. You know where I live!!

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