The Green Frogs – One big, one tiny......

....................and one middle sized.

I’ve always been fascinated by green frogs (well, I am fascinated by all nature!) and over the years have seen a few – we did have them at our home at Wynnum West, and then for some reason they disappeared though we could often hear the noisy swampy marsh frogs in the garden.  The green ones are hard to see – they hide well during the day, and come out at night and often are so camouflaged that they are hard to see.

At my new abode at Beachmere, I had not seen any – in fact hadn’t even thought of green frogs.  I didn’t know there were any there.  On reflection it is not surprising – it is a very wet area around here – “mere” means marsh and it is marshy, though I thought much of the water was sea water – so not likely to be a ‘friend’ of the green frogs.

However, much to my surprise one day a few weeks ago I found a huge green frog wedged near my back door.  It was weird as I nearly stepped on him, and eventually covered him with a damp cloth.  I say “him” – but I certainly don’t know the gender.


That night, on dusk he hopped away, and I managed to take a photo of him.  Sometime later I heard a very loud croaking and each time I went outside to see where it was coming from it stopped.  Eventually I worked it out - he hides during the day behind one of the pipes in the air conditioner.  I have learned that there are two hiding there.

When rain is imminent his croaking echoes around my small back yard – it is as if he is letting me know about the rain.

Well hidden........
 Each night I look for him.  He often hops onto other pipes leading from the air conditioning unit and eventually lands on the window sill – I guess that is an easy spot to catch insects as they land on the window pane.  He usually does a big poo on the window sill. (I wish he’d do it somewhere else!!!)

Sometimes he sits and appears to look inside my lounge room for a while before heading off to wherever he goes each night.  The other frog that lives in the little cavity where the pipes come out is a medium sized frog – perhaps his “wife”.

I then found a tiny little green frog which for several days just sat during the day on leaves on one of my plants – well hidden from any predators.  It is not always easy to take photos of them – but I have managed to capture some good images of them.

It is now several months since the first green frog showed itself to me – and as the weather has gone from being unseasonably dry to typical of the early wet seasons, I hear more frogs croaking around the place. It is a sign of good health – not mine, but good health of the environment.


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