The Block Arcade in Melbourne

The Block Arcade

In 1966 when I completed my nursing training at Mt Gambier Hospital was the first time I lived in the Melbourne area.  I worked at the Austin Hospital for a while before that.   After I married we lived in Warrnambool and then in Seaford (Melbourne) and it was at Frankston Hospital that our son was born, and later I did a few nights a week night duty as a nurse there.

So it was some 40 years plus ago that we lived there.  Mmmm. 

I have been back to Melbourne for short visits – mainly business trips, though last year I was there for Uni graduation.  However, I was there for a few days on my own from October 30th to November 3rd – and managed to look around Melbourne  city.

I stayed at the Pensione Hotel on Spencer Street, so it was a fairly short walk (dodging smokers, butts and motorbikes) and was able to see some places that were familiar to me some years ago.

One of those places was the Block Arcade – I don’t know why it is so familiar to me, but when I arrived at the entrance I had to take some deep breaths.  This really is what Melbourne IS!  Iconic historic buildings, fantastic food – it was like walking into another world!!!  Their website has some awesome pics.


I wandered around in awe – peering in windows, taking the occasional photo – oh, how can any photo do justice to this place!

Oh, how I must go back to Melbourne and continue to explore the city!!!

 (I note the tea rooms with the most awesome display of foods - with a queue out the front too I noticed, was called Hopetoun Tea Rooms - once upon a time I was a pupil at Hopetoun School, Brighton South Australia.  I must discover the history behind the  spelling of 'toun' - as opposed to "town".  I am sure it means the same....)