Semaphore and memories..............

I really can't recall much about Semaphore - though I know that as a child we visited.  I can remember that at Christmas time there was a fair of some sort with rides and sideshows on the foreshore. 

These days it is a rather quiet suburb of Adelaide with a load of history.

One story that I remember from one of our visits to Semaphore was that my father had gone to a fish and chip shop, and we sat down on the sand to eat the contents of the parcel wrapped up in newspaper as all fish and chip meals were in those days.  Having opened it up, and barely with time to admire the food contents - for it was a special treat for our family - Mum, Dad, my sister and I, - a seagull with a bowel problem flew overhead and pooed right in the middle of our dinner.  Oddly enough I can't recall what happened after that as I know Dad let off a few (tame) expletives in front of his girls, and I do think he got another meal, but I don't recall.

On this occasion we were seeking information on Bev's family who had been early settlers in Semaphore - she had a list of addresses etc and we managed to find some of the houses where her grandparents had lived back in the 1940's, and the building which housed a bakery which was family owned.

She went to the Library for more information and I wandered down to the jetty to take some photos.  It was very quiet - few visitors, though the shops along the main street seemed to be busy.

Looking out to see along the jetty.

The white sand beside the jetty.

From the jetty up the main street.

A Sculpture overlooking the beach.
One can catch a train from the city out to Semaphore, but we had a rental car from Aussie Car Rentals - I have rented a car from them many times and once again a good car was provided and again no problems with it.

On this day we also had time to catch up with one of our fellow nursing students from Mt Gambier Days in the 1960's.